Jill and Jack Kids is a new kids' clothing company that's waging war on gender stereotypes.

Quick Facts about Jill and Jack Kids

T.Rex t-shirt

Kickstarter Campaign May 19 - June 5, 2014

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About Jill and Jack Kids

Jill and Jack Kids is a new clothing company that's out to inspire the next generation of leaders to think beyond pink and blue. We make playtime-worthy clothes in fun, bright colours with designs that change the messages we're sending to kids. Jill and Jack Kids' clothes show kids that their options in life aren't colour coded.

Statistics show that women continue to be under-represented in areas such as engineering (23%), trades (1.5%), and management (37%), whereas men are under-represented in teaching (34%), nursing (13%), and clerical positions (24%). [Statistics Canada] This is partly because kids begin to learn from a very young age that some interests are for girls, and others are for boys.

"The clothes that kids wear influence their sense of self, what grown-ups talk to them about, and what interests they see as open to them. We're all about offering kids a variety of choices (not just a pink aisle and a blue aisle), and letting them find their own paths."
- Jenn, Founder of Jill and Jack Kids

To help show kids the full range of options that are open to them, Jill and Jack Kids is publishing a series of interviews with men and women who work in gender non-traditional careers to help show kids a full range of options in life.

At Jill and Jack Kids there's no boys' department or girls' department, just awesome clothes for awesome kids. You can like Jill and Jack Kids on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

Jenn Nielson, founder of Jill and Jack Kids

About the Founder, Jenn Neilson

Jenn is the the driving force behind Jill and Jack Kids. She studied philosophy for many years (UBC 2003/06; UT Austin, 2011), and is passionate about gender equality. Jenn is also a graphic artist, and designed the graphics for the shirts herself, taking inspiration from her niece and daughter and their budding interests. Find out about the inspiration for Jill and Jack Kids

Why Parents are Excited

"I'm proud to have a strong, smart, adventurous daughter - your T. rex shirt is absolutely perfect for her - it's bright, bold and thought-provoking. I believe the world will be a better place when we can all tune in to our inner T.rex now and again!" - Heather

"What excites me about Jill and Jack kids is the intent and thought behind the shirts. I love the idea of my daughter or nephews wearing clothes that are positive and thought provoking." - Alicia

Quotes from Kids Who've Tried Them On

"I like the daddy owl and baby owl shirt best." - Ben, age 3

"Usually boys like T.rexes, but half of them are girls. [I like the 'curious' shirt because] sometimes girls are curious, and sometimes boys are curious, and I kind of like that." - William, age 8

Quotes About Our First Shirts

"Love that they are gender neutral. Amazing fabric! Locally made! Win, win, win!" "The cotton is unbelievably soft. So much nicer than the fabrics used by major retailers. The fit was very nice. Not boxy like many children's t-shirts." - Carolyn (Mom to Ben, age 3)

"The shirts were such wonderful colours, great for kids to wear. When my niece is running, rolling and crawling she needs something with quality that's durable and comfortable, which Jill and Jack Kids will get." - Marijka (Aunt to Rowan, age 3)

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