The Team

Jenn Neilson
Photo by Sara Elizabeth Photography

Jenn Neilson

Originally from Vancouver, Jenn grew up doing lots of different things - playing soccer, baking cookies and wearing whatever was comfortable. In high school she took home economics and auto mechanics, and thoroughly enjoyed them both. Jenn studied philosophy at the University of British Columbia, and then went on to earn a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin. She is passionate about gender equality, and changing the messages that we're sending to kids.

The rest of the team

It takes a village to start a business, so we'd like to acknowledge the many people who have helped, and continue to help Jill and Jack Kids along the way. From covering for us so we can spend more time on Jill and Jack Kids, to providing data for our market research and feedback on designs, we would not be where we are today without our village. Thank you!

Some of the people who have contributed time and energy to this project are:

Heather Baitz
Flor Bakhshi
Lisa Belanger
Jonah Brunet
Joan Caiazzo
Brianne Foster
Kelly Gray
Jenny Halteman
Sarah Jinkerson Bishop
Erin Lemky
William Liu
Catherine McCormack
Christopher McEnroe
Paul McKenna
Ramith Midellawala
Shelli Oh
Kirsty Peterson
Carolyn Plummer
Stéphane de Sampaïo
James Sherman
Stefanie Slater
Andrew Smith
Katy Standen
Lori Stuart
Anamaria Suknovic
Amie Thomasson
Natalie Lewis
Alicia Williams
Cindy Xiao
Thank you!